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Default Re: Conveying Emotion in Landscape Photography

For what it's worth I think that we are like estate agents, it's all about location location location. The location has to inspire the emotion initially and the other stuff is all patience and technique.
As some one who views what we do as a craft it's easy to get the right light or the right viewpoint though it might require numerous visits, but having that fantastic sky over a bland location counts for nothing (just think of how many beautiful sky's you've seen that ended up as a waste of pixels}. Ansel Adams would re photograph the same scene time after time often over the course of years even decades but we only see that 1 time when he felt it all came together. My view is that great landscapes are produced by hard work and wasted time. What other type of photography requires us to get out of bed before day break even to have half a chance of capturing that elusive quality.
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