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Default Re: Nachtwey, the philantropist (2)

“Nachtwey has far stronger shots with a longer lasting impression than any of bresson's”

Even though I might be quite partial when it comes to HCB, that kind of reply of makes me think you seriously need to enter museums and exhibs, look at photographers… then take the time to read Barthes, Sontag and many people who thought what photography is all about... Looks like you've got ants in your pants, but I think it would rather help you to know a little more about photo before working out with your finger only. I can’t let you write that the world is made out of people who act only and others who read only as you pretend, if not I could as artificially split it in people who think a bit about what they do, others that simply don’t have a clue about … if you see what I mean... But after all why not, as an all time Jimi Hendrix fan I’ve also talked to younger people who thought that the Guns’n’Roses guitarist wrote the guitar book… hehehe…

(Funny how young people are so conservative and how they can't see the touch of anarchy into HCB...)
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