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Default Re: TOS Changes and More

This looks fine to me Adam. Just 2 questions:

1) About the critiques/comments. Do you consider that a critique is only about technique ? If the critique refers mostly to the emotional, or symbolism (etc) aspects of the pic, can it be considered as a critique ? I would presume that it could be if we define the emotion is causes or what kind of symbolism we see in it ? As an example here is a link to the agfanet tutor page where professional photographs write critiques, all aspects are covered: technique,creativity. emotional. <a href=>agfanet tutor</a>

2) How can you "control" the critique/comment when written in another language than English ? I do see a lot of "commentlike" critiques in French.

Another idea that I have in mind since some time: when we clic the TOS violation button it feels like a "hit and run" .. couldn't you just add a little window to write in a few words (maybe 10 words max) why we consider it a TOS violation. Sometimes it is obvious, but not always. I rarely clicked this button because I feel cheap to clic it without having the ability to say why I find it a TOS violation.

I will translate in French the TOS changes thread later on during the day.
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