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Default Re: TOS Changes and More

I think these are good decisions. General remarks on photos should be discouraged to be considered as critiques, and if strong measures are needed, like disabling the critique ability, I think they should be implemented.

Just a suggestion, maybe near the critique field there could be an advice for people to write the critiques in a language they feel comfortable with, and thus more adequate to share quality critiques.

I think some people are a bit scared to write in the native languages because they are afraid not to be understood; as well being TE is in the vast majority an English spoken site people feel “forced” to comply to this “rule”. By forced I mean people tend to follow the main stream, and this advice may give more ease to people.

I can state that since I’ve written in the top of my notes the languages that people are free to write since I understand them fairly well, many members opted to write in their native languages and the quality of their critiques did in fact increased.

Absolutly agree with the statement that TE is "a diverse, open community with members participating with many different goals and ideas in mind."

And that like-minded people could make use of the Favorite Members, and Lists feature, to get togheter with people that have the same views and objectives and thus experience TE the way they prefer.
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