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Default Re: Architecture + Photography = Job???

Hello Anuradha,

It is difficult for me to give a good advise because you are from another country and I do not know if you as an intern is still studying architecture or has finished architecture and and being an intern to gain experience and eventually take your registration exam as an architect.

Architecture is a wonderful profession that involves science and art. You must love this profession to be succesful in it. Architecture is very wide in scope. You cannot compare photography and architecture, but you can work in architecture and photography can be a little part of your architectural work. Architecture as an art is not merely knowing how to draw, but knowing how to express what you have in mind into a two dimensional or three dimensional medium. As an architect you are always the lead, or as in music, the conductor. You have command responsibility for the disciplines supporting your project. Be it an environmental engineer, civil engineer, the engineering disciplines, the government, the communities, the arts and the legal system, the construction industry, etc. As an architect you can find work as a practicing architect, as a draftsman, a project manager, a planner, construction inspector, a teacher and other position that fits within the scope of your studies.

If you prefer photography then leave architecture and study photography. It cannot be both because architecture is very demanding.

I hope I explained it clearly but it is all based on the architectural profession I know in the United States and the Philippines.

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