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Cool Problem on WS

Originally Posted by IBAlex View Post
Hi Didi,

can you please upload it once again and see if it happens again?
Do you experience anything unusual when uploading this picture?

Thank you!
Hi dear Alex
Glad to read you again
In fact, it's impossible for me to upload another WS now I have already done two for the day, I must wait tomorrow 24 of january at 9:00 AM French time or 0:00 hour California local time

But I am able to explain what happened
Since the recent changes in Trekearth, it is possible to publish a photo with a length greater than 800 pixels in height

The picture in the following link has 1600 pixels

I note that the technicians did not fit enough dimensions on the Workshop
The photos do not appear entirely

I can give you another example for another WS done today
Original picture
A picture with 1500 pixels, we can see the member signature down right

The WS
The picture is cut right, we can not see the signature

I hope my explanation will help you
Warm regards

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