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There seems to be no logic involved in which activities that are recorded and which are not, neither are activities added up properly once every 24 hours.

Yesterday, October 16, I wrote 12 critiques but only 6 are recorded as "recent activity". I checked up some other members and found that saxo042 had written 20 critiques the same day but none of them are recorded as recent activity. Emka, usually very active but now on a journey, has one recent activity on October 12, but nothing from the days before.

I also checked haphazardly some members who have been only occasionally active in recent times. Smarcell has 10 activities between August 19 and October 15, pastadog 10 activities between July 16 and August 23, tusharkmandal 10 activities between September 9 and October 13.

Until last week "no recent activity" indicated that a certain member had not participated in any way for years. Then, approximately October 10, something happened.

It all looks very chaotic and reminds me of the period one or two years ago when certain members' critiques didn't add any points at all.

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