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Smile Size Matters

Some time ago the upload size was increased. I think many of us were thrilled at having the opportunity to show work at an increased size both in terms of measurement and file size. Many members spend time and effort to produce high quality images which are not always shown in the best of circumstances on TE.

It came with a feeling of bewilderment when the ‘new’ upload size was only visible on the old beta version of TE, the new TE site automatically resized the shots to the 800px maximum length or height.
Now, at the risk of sounding stupid, why is it not possible for the tech team to re-size the image box on the new TE version? At present I know many of us switch between the beta and new versions of TE in an attempt to see images in the larger format and it must be said that many posts ‘come to life’ when seen at a higher quality and larger size.

TE is a wonderful showcase for images from all corners of the earth. Is it not time to look at revamping the site in line with other photographic websites and attracting more feet through the door? A good place to begin would be with the size of uploads.

I would be pleased to hear from our tech-team in this regard

A fine weekend to all.

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