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Angry Why has my critique quota been decreased?

I have a few spare minutes in which I decided to critique a few photos. On my 3rd critique, I realized that the small print at the bottom of the edit area says:
"You have 10 critiques remaining for today. Please wait 17:02:39 hours to get 20 critiques again. Critiques are updated around 1 am PST." I said, "This can't be right, I just started." I checked the times of my critiques, my last critique dated yesterday was at 2013-10-08 19:38. Then I have two critiques dated 2013-10-09 (7:03 and 7:15). That should leave me 18 critiques, not 10.

(I suspect it was not my quota that was decreased, but the software is miscounting. Nevertheless, the result is the same.)

Thanks for looking into this,
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