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I may add my own case...

I stoped posting some seven years ago because a vey silly accident left me almost blind.

Two years and six surgeries later I recovered 100% of my sight (to the point I do not need to wear correction), but even if kept on taking photos, I felt I had lost a little interest in posting... (I was also with a lot of work and an international move).

In time I started participating in forums, stayed for some time in PBase and Smugmug... and lately Flickr.

I agree with Keith in that they are different places with a different objective, but knowing that the time I can dedicate to this is limited (I am not -yet- retired and have a somehow demanding job), I thougt that for a number of reasons TE is a better place.

Of course that there are things that I do not agree with (I even had one photo removed and ranted a lot), but I think that this is part of the sense of... mmm... being at home?

(And for sure, this means that will keep on disagreeing and ranting :-)!!!! ).

Regards, saludos!

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