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Default TE my first love

The Trek sites were my first love, so to speak and I am still attached to TE although not posting and critiquing as much as I once did. Mostly its to do with time. Now there are so many more ways to spent leisure time online. I'm daily on facebook and on twitter. Sometimes post to flickr too.And then there are all sorts on interesting blogs. The thing about FB and twitter is that I am able to interact with people about lots of different interests; photography, politics, art, books etc. TE does seem just a little less interesting in comparison. I would love for TE to have more activities organised for or by members. A scav hunt would be good for a start. Quality critiques would be good too as this can be both a discipline and a pleasure.It's a pleasure to read good critiques of not only ones own photos but those posted against other members' photos. Perhaps what we need is what I believe is termed web 3, already mentioned on this thread. A way to link our interests, feeds to facebook etc.I believe TE has a fb page but does it do much? Will have to check that out tonight. I have recently started a FB page named "Cafe Society" where members post links to fave cafes (as a positive response to the Starbucks controversy). Members are invited to post photos of their fave cafes. Just now there is a photo scav hunt with a Christmas theme. It would be interesting if there were links to such pages on FB and TE.
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