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Default Don't Slam the Door!

Hello All - This has turned into a very 'lively' thread and what started out as a good talking point seems to have been high-jacked by a man (Pablo) who hasn't posted either a photograph or critique for about 10 months. This is not the only site he has had issues with, I see he 'shut the door' at Photofolia too. My feelings are that he just cannot bend in the wind and he ends up as the person most affected by all this! For the life of me, I cannot understand how someone can still be locked into anger at TE after almost a year. Surely there are more serious issues in the world to get angry about.

TE will continue, people will come and people will go but at the core there are many committed members here. Some come for friendship, others to hone their photographic skills, others because they are interested in the world. A mixed group from all corners of the earth, that's good. On a personal level I have gained far more than I have given. Far off lands have been opened up to me, cultures, landscapes, traditions the list is endless. My knowledge of the world has expanded (and my geography is certainly better!).

My love for photography has been given direction and inspiration, my confidence has increased. What a pleasure! And many members have become 'cyber-friends'. All this for free; makes you think doesn't it?

Andrew, I agree with you that the site needs an update/face-lift. Perhaps you could start a thread dealing with things like 'user-friendliness', 'attractiveness', 'genres and categories' etc. Personally, I think there is a case for combining all three TE sites into one and broadening the genres. Just a thought.

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