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Post Australian Guy

Well dear Pablominto

Firstly, to refer to someone by their race ("to the Australian guy") rather than their name on a site like this, is so childish, I actually wonder why I'm bothering to respond to you at all. If it's meant as some kind of racist put-down, you failed dismally. You don't sound "gifted" as you call yourself, just plain nasty.

Secondly, I am not a "guy", I'm female. I would have thought that the name Lisa would have made that obvious.

Thirdly, and most importantly. The Japanese Tsunami and nuclear accident were an international disaster: countless dead, countless injured, countless homeless and a nuclear fall out that the world may never recover from. And you leave a photo site because you're not happy about a photo being accidentally deleted. Don't you think your actions are just a little bit petty in hindsight? Are you really still angry over such a small thing that happened such a long time ago?

If you insist on staying on TE, don't you think it would be better proposing something constructive and positive for the site? Just chiming in with nasty comments about TE mods, members and the site in general is really unproductive and makes you seem like a really unpleasant person. I'm sure you're not like this in real life, so why behave like that here?

And if you don't want to stay on TE, why don't you just go, and leave us all in peace?

Jeez, you've driven me to drink, good night.
Lisa (that very proud Australian girl)
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