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I became a member when TE traffic was at its peak, with more than 20,000 pictures being posted each month. I became a member mainly because among those regular posters there were some really good photographers and I wanted to see how (if) they'd react to my shots.

Now, at 5,000 uploads per month, at least it is more manegeable to keep up. On the other hand, among those photographers who left, there are some really fine photographers and I must say I sometimes miss the quality of their work. I like the smaller community, but sometimes I wish for some more quality both in the pictures and in the critiques.

But then that is just up to us, isn't it?

Share your best shots, be honest in your critiques and welcoming to new members whose work looks promising, that's all there is to it.

PS for Pablominto: There's no point in slamming the door over and over and again. Go or stay, but don't keep slamming the door. That is just silly.

PS for the mods: Nobody's perfect.
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