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Default The real TE problem

This is for you australian guy, just to get things right, I did not leave TE because I had an image deleted, I’ve had many images removed up through the years and couldn’t care that much.

Maybe some of you remember the tsunami hitting northeast Japan some time ago, killing almost 20.000 people? One of our fellow TE members living in that area posted an image in memory of his fellow countrymen and neighbours, an image that was deleted by a TE moderator and she didn’t even understand what she had done…

Then I realized I was dealing with the lesser gifted here, and eventually left the site.

As I said, do continue attacking me if that makes you feel better! However the fact that I left TE has no bearings on the matter at hand, after all, my posting of an image per week was less than nothing in the larger picture.

So there must be another explanation for the steep decrease in activity, right? Like when several hundreds leave for the same reason and those who remain by habit publish less?

I don’t think the present team of moderators are the right persons to change the direction of development, not the least since you don’t even realize there is a problem. You are the cause not the solution, you remind me of… what is the name of the bird hiding its head in the sand..?

If you are the great guys you seem to think you are, you should step back for someone better qualified, someone able to motivate members and not harassing them, guys who don’t get high on own power… The trek system needs a thorough reorganizing, with new brushes all over. Unless it is already too late…

End of discussion as far as I’m concerned.

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