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Originally Posted by pablominto View Post
Thanks to the mods for attacking me, showing exactly what is my point: The site is run by some arrogant xxxxxs who don’t seem to get along well with the real world. No names mentioned, you yourself know who you are. And most members do too, I might add.

Face it, trek sites are on a steep downward dive and you are the ones to blame!

And since I have left the building, you can safely continue attacking me…

By the way – does the site owner know what you are up to??
At no point in this discussion has any individual been picked out or picked on. There is a saying in English "If the cap fits, wear it". If individuals believe they can identify themselves in the attitudes and behaviours mentioned then so be it. Some members do seem to leave through revolving doors don't they?

I for one have no problem in accepting responsibilities for my actions both as a mod here and in the real world. The actions of the mods are obviously visible to the owners of the site and as mods we are following their instruction, not the other way round.

The administrators do see what is being posted and may or may not act on suggestions put forward by the members. The mods most certainly do not have control over the direction of the site.
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