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Default Hmmm...

Hey SnapRJW,

I didn't read the article and really don't think anyone should read any article on how to critique. My reasoning is ...if you don't know what your own mind is thinking than you probably should not be on the internet critiqueing photos because you have other things that are much more important. for me, I say, write your first thoughts, as evidenced by the line above. If you don't like a photo, say it, explain yourself, and give a reason why. Don't hold back, say what you are thinking. Reading an article about what you should say is almost like cheating, yourself and the poster, in my opinion. If you think the photo sucks, say it. If the photo poster gets mad, well, he/she shouldn't be posting than. An article can't tell you how to critique ...thats insane. It's all opinion. Post a photo on the internet on a site that has critiques and you open yourself up for critiques. If all the critiques are bad, who cares's what you think. A photo is a memory. Only a memory for the person who took it. It has different meaning from the poster to the viewer. Who cares.

Now I never, ever, ever, berate or talk down to the photo poster no matter how bad the photo is. Realize that constructive criticism can actually help the poster ...people who do berate or just plain make fun of a photo or just say it's plain shit without a reason ...well, worthless critiques and people.

...and so I say, hey, thanks for the link, and it may help some people critiqueing (not sure about that spelling either), but, again, just write what you think. As for the whole "points issue" that has been going on for what least five years now? ...don't post a photo for points. I give points to horrible photos that I think deserve my points because I want to give them ...sometimes because I have a realtionship with the poster helps ...if people don't like it ...too bad ...ok, I probably shouldn't have went there ...I have some really, really bad photos in my favs and such too ...I love em. ...and the day I have to read an article to tell me what my thoughts are ...ha ...just as bad as giving points for points. ...and I have some really bad photos that I posted with way too many points too and good critiques too, but I also realize that people are just being nice.

Gulp ...sorry man (I know, woman) ...had to say it. It's not a fight, photography is all opinion, and in the end it's a good link for some people and so a good thread. I do want to say though ...tell the truth, if you don't like a photo, say it ...and if you still give it a full smiley, thats your choice ...but don't just say a photo is good to appease the poster or try and get points in return. It's the internet people, and in the grand scheme of life can't take points with you when you die.


PS Rosemary: I'm gonna read the article now so I'll warn you, I may be back to this thread...gulp.

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