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ourania 12-02-2013 09:57 PM

To mcmtanyel: Hello Murat
Hello dear Murat,
thank you very much! This is one of the many faces of the Aegean in winter:)
The coast we see across the sea is way to the south of Didyma. I studied the map too but am not quite sure, it must be somewhere between Gundogan and Gulluk (I'm sorry I can't use the accents of the Turkish writing).
In 1987, when the relations between our countries were critical, a teacher from the school of Ayia Marina and his class decided to make a contact with a Turkish school from across the sea. They drew a line on the map which took them to Gulluk. That first contact led to a strong friendship and twinning. This friendship is still going on, some of today's pupils are children of the pupils that made the start.
All the best,

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