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willperrett 09-06-2013 02:16 PM

Dear Mods
Though I'm not overly concerned by status, I'm nevertheless intrigued by members' status on this site, in particular my own. After 2 years and "gold" accredition for critiques, workshop edits and notes, and having 3397 points from 183 postings, I'm still classed as a "junior" member. I know there are many members senior to me in terms of longevity, postings, points, critiques and so on; similarly I have noticed plenty who haven't been members for nearly so long, have fewer postings, points, are "favourites" of fewer other members, yet are "senior" members. Can you explain to me the logic of this? As a retired photography lecturer, "junior member" strikes as a little odd.

emka 09-06-2013 11:34 PM

Hi Will,
I am not a mod but I think this question has been already raised here. I suppose it has something to do with the activity on the forum only, not posts nor critiques. I have no idea what it is for.

Warm regrads
Senior member Emka (in my case it is quite right, I am senior:D)

Porteplume 09-07-2013 08:42 AM

Bonjour Will & Malgorzata,

Sorry being late answering, even if my answer is not more than the previous one... :)
The qualifications Newbie, Junior, Expert etc. just indicated how much you have been active on the Forum, not your qualification as a photographer, qualitative or quantitive posting on TE. It's a bit weird for me too but, as you already said, it does not mean much...

Friendly greetings - Viviane

Keitht 09-07-2013 09:40 PM

I don't know if it's possible, but the status would certainly have more relevance if it did the calculation based on critiques given, photos posted and posts to the forum.

Overall though I wouldn't worry too much about it, although I don't think Will is likely to lose too much sleep pondering the situation. :D

willperrett 09-10-2013 08:31 AM

Thanks all. You're right: I shan't go grey worrying about it. I'm grey already.

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