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fanni 05-11-2012 02:30 PM

photos by Branson DeCou (1892-1941)
Just happened to discover the photos taken by photographer Branson DeCou (1892-1941).
(maybe some of you know his works already?)

photos from Branson DeCou Digital Archive :

See also here:


and here: (St. Petersburg, Russia, 1931)

In Russian (по-русски):
"Photographer and travelogue lecturer Branson DeCou journeyed the world for thirty years before his death in 1941 at the relatively young age of 49.
He was born October 20, 1892, in Philadelphia

(source: )

Photos taken in California: http://найдешь.рф/?p=8161
(I do hope the link will work OK)
Sorry! this site is in Russian but the photos speak for themselves

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