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banyanman 01-29-2009 02:24 PM

To pboehringer: D700 quality
Hi Peter,

I've had my D700 only since just before Christmas. I dropped my D200 on the floor, and although I got it checked out by the Nikon Service Centre, I wasn't convinced there was no internal damage (it hit the floor sufficiently hard to dent the wide angle lens that I had on it) so decided it was time to upgrade. I was initially going to go for the D300, but eventually decided to splash out for the full frame D700, and I'm glad I did. The quality is great and the ability to crop hard and still get good photos is one of the things I really like with the FX model.

For example, you see the white temple in the middle of this post (tucked away in the trees, just left of centre). Well, I cropped that out and got quite a passable 500x350 photo for the web from it - certainly as good as anything you would get from a P&S close to the temple - and my guess is that I was using only about 2-3% of the frame!

I haven't seen the 28-70mm lens. It is not available in Malaysia. Only the 24-70mm is. I am a bit puzzled re your comment about the weight. According to the Nikon website here, the 28-70mm weighs 935g whilst my 24-70mm weighs 900g - so mine is a fraction lighter than yours. Or could we be talking about a different lens?

Cheers . . . David

pboehringer 01-31-2009 02:17 AM

Re: To pboehringer: D700 quality
Funny, my D200 had the same fate as yours. It was on a tripod at the Golden Gate area and the wind tipped it off. The lens hood was broken, the lens got a small scratch and still functioning and the cameras port for the remote release cord was smashed. Everything else was still working and jet I had the impression that this was a "divine sign" for an upgrade. I am quite happy with the full format too.

Now your question regards the lenses 24-70mm and 28-70mm I have to admit that you're absolutely right. It was my mistake. Disregard my error.


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