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jmdias 12-03-2021 07:38 PM

To lousat: plantations

in state of paraná we have a very exigent environmental law, I guess it is more hard than in europe where farms can cut trees in the edges of the rivers or can cut a forest to get money as I see in portugal.
here in paraná each farm or ranch should to reserve 20 percent of its territory to a native natural forest (not a planted one as pine trees and eucalyptus or oranges). ]
in amazon basin the ones who damage nature can't be punished faster because they have a not so good organization of the territory and the territory is very big, not equal here in paraná.
curiously the most damaged natural vegetation of brazil have no attention in USA or Europe, CERRADO in central brazil is being destroyed faster, the same with CAATINGA and others.. only amazon has an attention abroad.

take care


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