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mkamionka 03-22-2020 08:23 AM

To COSTANTINO: open spaces
Hi Costantino,
yes exactly. It all depends where do you live. I bet people in London or Manchester are trapped. Wherever they go they would touch something or use a public transport. Crowds everywhere. My house is detached and I have a huge garden. On another side there is big park which in a very large open space. I don't use public transport but go everywhere by car. The area near here is not as densely populated. There are a lot of beaches, gardens, parks, moors (national park), other national parks etc So too often I don't see any people there and I don't have to touch anything. Now I took my picnic as well to be able to stay away from people :)
I cross my fingers it passes away fast and harmless.
Kind regards,

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