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tanjagari 04-24-2020 06:33 PM

To Keitht: scale
Hi Keitht,
I cropped about 1/3 of the original. In shooting the photo I came as close as I could without stepping on anything natural that I could destroy forever - I emphasize this because a lot, a lot, of tourist mindlessly walk over these natural creations, jump and hop over them in order to take photos - it is insane as these formations took who knows how much time to get that shape and will be ruined for a stupid photo. So, this was very important to me when I was hunting for the little bubbles that occasionally appeared out of these little spouts. These are mini geysers, too, so they have to be zoomed in quite a bit, and I also experimented with the movement mode in auto. I have a whole series of photos of water coming out in various shapes, too. Thanks for your note. Everything about this place is surreal, colors as well.

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