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ourania 11-26-2016 02:04 PM

To serp2000: Hello Serghei
Hello Serghei,
thank you very much!There's much to read on the Battle of Leros on the Internet, you can find lots of pictures too. There's a lot of interesting stuff that hasn't been translated into English or any other language yet. I've read extremely vivid and interesting descriptions in the memoir written several years ago by the father of the gentleman on the left. That particular memoir has also served as reference to Churchill's Folly, by Anthony Rogers.
I've been to Cyprus many years ago and loved it. It was the beginning of April, the weather was perfect; it's too hot in the summer. There are many young people from Leros in Cyprus now, either studying at the University or working, I hear it's beautiful and the tourist services excellent.
All the best,

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