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bmukherjee 07-10-2011 03:48 PM

To Angshu: Dof
Well spotted on the DOF! Sometimes shots like these take much thought. I started off by focusing in between the flowers and the bridge in f/22, but that made the bridge too soft (due to diffraction) and the flowers too blurry (due to the longer shutter speed and motion in the wind). So it couldn't have been achieved in one photograph.

I took two photos - and since I had a tripod, it wasn't difficult. One I focused on the bridge, the other on the flowers. I blended them in PS, and in fact, you can even see a blurry line of moving flowers that marks the seam between the images. Eventually I'll improve the technique.

But still, the idea of blending to achieve extreme DOF isnt particularly new - in fact, macrophotographers sometimes use it to take high DOF shots of close-up objects.

Another example where one photograph cannot achieve the best result! :)


bmukherjee 07-10-2011 04:14 PM

ps: I just remembered that PS has an Auto-blend feature for DOF blending. I'll use that next time, but from what i can see, it isnt perfect.

Also, that haze is the San Francisco fog that rolls in from the pacific every day.

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