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shevchenko 04-18-2016 04:18 AM

To PaulVDV: Reply
Hi Paul,

Yes, I daily communicate with Beijing local people with speaking Mandarin when visiting, dining, purchasing at this city. Many people working at Beijing are come from different state too, through their Mandarin speaking pronouncing we known some of them from ShanXi etc.

Language speaking of Chinese is complicated, there is many dialets found in China, of course Mandarin is official language of China.

My ancestor last migrated from GuangDong (our old old ancestors are from ZhongYuan where refer to Yellow River district), we are speaking Cantonese daily, some of Chinese in Malaysia are speaking dialets Fujian(Hockkien), Kejia(Hakka), Hainan etc. Anyway, around 90% Malaysian Chinese is study at Chinese School at 7 ~ 12 years old, 90% textbooks are wrote in Chinese, and teaching with Mandarin pronouncing in Beijing style.

Some of the dialets are without it's related writing or not every words that speaking out have it's writting (word). Mandarin and Cantonse have completed writting, every word that speaking out can write in a word.


PaulVDV 04-18-2016 10:09 AM

Thank you for the detailed explanations, Ally.

Best wishes,

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