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momshu 08-27-2004 09:21 PM

Varieties of Visual Experience
This is the title of an Art text by Edmund Burke Feldman,4th Edition,
ISBN 0-13-953440-0 (ppb). Part Four> The Interaction of Medium and Meaning, Chapter 14> Photography; is worthy of a read in regards to Photographic Criticism.
It's reference is pre-digital yet the essence is of how visual experiences are always changing with our evolving world. There are references to scales from hight to low;
1. surface to depth
2. optical to tactile
3. pattern to idea
4. part to whole
5. singular to typical
6. record to original
The first three being technical and the last three stress conceptual factors affecting the evaluation of a photograph.
"A photograph that scores "high" on any one of these scales would be interesting; a high evaluation on several scales suggests a possibility of greatness." pg.448

I sense that we need a common language for visual interpertations in the Trekearth community. I feel like we are not really competing for high points but for a more indepth acknowledgement & understanding of how we see our world now that there is so much more visablity. Especially now that images and information are not only contributed by the affluent. This is the greatest gift we can give & receive.

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