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jinju 07-07-2005 05:27 AM

TE Book theme question
Ok, se we put our photos in the theme. They are however all max 800 pixels. Am I to understand that first we will choose from among the submitted photos and those that get chosen to be in the book will be resubmitted at the 1100 pixel minimum? I submitted 5 of my photos but they all have frames and are at 800 pixels. If one of them gets chosen to be included in the book, will I then re submit another but larger and borderless version of that photo for printing?

mlopes 07-07-2005 11:18 AM

Re: TE Book theme question
Hi Rafal,
We are just creating a database with the selected photos with the normal rules of TE (size/borders bla bla bla).

The selecter photos will be handled in a second step, probably not in TE site because we must work with full scale files. The photos must be re-worked, re-postprocessed and so on.

example: No borders will be allowed.


mlopes 07-07-2005 05:09 PM

Re: TE Book theme question
For now, i'm the only one that can edit/delete the themes, because they were created as my themes.

Remember this is just the first selection, feel free to add and invite many members to participate... we need to get some hundreds photos to get really started.

- Please feel free to contact me anytime in order to replace/withraw/delete any photo.

- Please ensure that the photo isn't already added to one of the themes! no duplications allowed

- If by any chance a photo is added to both themes, the first adding will be valid and the second deleted and the member contacted.

Example: Porteplume has added a photo from Homerhomer to the "other members photos" theme, a couple of hours later Homerhomer has added it to the "own photos" theme.

Action: I've contacted Peter saying his photo has been deleted from "own photos" theme, told him the reason and allowed him to add other photo as a substitute!

Plans for future:
- We will easely reach the limite of 100 photos for each theme within hours/days, when so I will rename the theme (TE BOOK 2005 - Own photos pack#1 CLOSED) and open a new theme with the same name (TE BOOK - 2005 - Own photos).

- Then we may think in a better way to do this, i don't want to split now the themes in categories until the categories are closed and accepted by all members. Let's just gather the photos.

Everything clear? my english can play some tricks...


PixelTerror 07-20-2005 06:22 PM

Re: TE Book theme question
It's crystal clear, Mario !

I have to do a bit of searching in my gallery...

Thanks, Jean-Yves

Rinie_Hoff 07-25-2005 11:01 AM

Re: TE Book theme question
Mario, can you create a new theme for own photos please? The last one is full as well.
Thanks, Rinie

kikvel 07-25-2005 06:33 PM

Re: TE Book theme question
Rinie mario created it:

<a href="">THEME 5!!! SPECIAL FOR RINIE :D</a>


Rinie_Hoff 07-25-2005 06:38 PM

Re: TE Book theme question
Hey Kike!
Great, I feel honoured ;-)))

take care!

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