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holmertz 10-20-2021 01:37 PM

To PaulVDV: more or less shabby?
Thank you Paul,
I had of course seen the photos you posted earlier, but thanks for reminding me. It certainly looked very different at night, with all those colours, even more kitschy than I found the mausoleum in daylight. But I see from your WS that the entrance gate looked extremely much nicer than in my WS2. It was definitely more shabby in 1988.

Whether the long walkway has been restored and elevated is an open question. I must have been there during low tide, so I thought the entire road would be fully flooded at high tide. It's usually written everywhere that the sanctuary can only be reached at low tide. But maybe that is only if you are afraid of getting a bit wet. There are films on the net showing people walking happily through great splashes of water at high tide.

Photos on the net taken from the sides, or from high above, seem to show the road being fairly high above the water at high tide, but those were taken on very calm days.

Best regards,

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