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oochappan 07-05-2006 04:09 PM

Re: Re:Thought from limbo
About a data-base of explicit techniques I started already two

<a href="">TECHNIQUE - graphics</a>
<a href="">TECHNIQUE - simplicity</a>

Maybe it would be interesting to build this out with more really explicit techniques from the best shots as examples .... ?
(tilt,bokeh,lightmanaging,colors,geometrical structure,PP-colors,PP-light ....)

kevinos 07-05-2006 05:35 PM

Re: Re:Thought from limbo
Thanks for a fascinating input, Henk. I look forward to exploring your data bases on specific techniques. My grasp of technique is very limited.
However, what I was discussing, primarily, with regard to these few pictures, was composition. That is, how the different elements of a picture are selected, ordered and arranged, within the frame, to communicate the photographer’s idea. Composition is perhaps part of technique, but technique is not synonymous with composition, I think. We often see written in critiques “nice composition” but what is good and what is bad composition? If the critiquers were asked to define the rules for good composition, could they do so? I gave my views on the composition of two specific pictures, There were also comments on things that I consider to be technical i.e. color saturation and sharpness. My ideas on composition, like all of ours, are drawn from the history of European and Asian art. Some creative photographers, however, are continually ‘pushing the envelope’, which is exciting. It’s a complex issue, but I offered a few thoughts on specific pictures. I will continue to think about it and I don’t think I will take any more pictures until I have done a lot more thinking.

jinju 07-05-2006 06:14 PM

Re: Re:Thought from limbo
For me anyway, good composition is simplicity. I look for situations or angles that exclude as much of whats not crucial to the shot as possible. This is the approach I usually take. Buit mostly, I just go on instinct and hope:)

oochappan 07-05-2006 07:08 PM

Re: Re:Thought from limbo
some compositions techniques

- layering : the differant plans f.e. front-middle-background
- the 1-2 layers: plans that divides a picture in two f.i. a colored wall or publicity board to a person, this can be flat or layered in depht
- the explicit border compo where all attention points are framed at the border and the middle stays rather empty or linking those attention points
- the geometrical compo as example 3 attention points that are put in a triangle, can be combinated with plans with perspective depht.
- the sober compo where only one element pulls the attention towards a sober surroundings put on the golden cut
- the incongruous static centering of an dynamic action as a contradiction

and so on .....
you know others ?
examples enough
still the richness of a shot is being aware to know to combinate these techniques in a spontaneous creative way with the limits of the moment, in function to enhance a subject, not the photographer, the viewer has to get the feel of and to loose himself in to a scene where any distractive element would rehold him to enjoy it fully.

So experiments to go beyond conventional has the extra challenge of still not to distract the viewer . It should show itself as an evident logique creative approach of the moment still to enhance it.

There are so many techniques .... the study of colors/harmony and their impact on a viewer is already a science on its own, for us to see the harmony or use them functional to guide the eye(puller) or to evoke a feel.

I think for newcommers, such a pool of a specifique techniques could help them but such data should be really specifique with good examples that mostly will include other techniques of course.
You could start also a specifique technique, good exercise to find good examples

kinginexile 07-05-2006 08:20 PM

Re: Re:Thought from limbo
plus what you can never learn. I think just about every photographer who is more than just a professional framer aggrees there are unexplainable, undefinable qualities, to sum up positiviely a "feel" that no one can teach us/you. I believe the confusion between good and unique is more pronounced in the "art" of photography than a many other arts. Especially as people look at one pix, then exult, but it's a body of work that really expresses indivuduality.
Think Salieri and Mozart. My feeling is we tend to find mozart in too many salieris nowadays. And salieri was a damned good composer, but Mozart, he was not.


kevinos 07-05-2006 08:32 PM

Re: Re:Thought from limbo
Rafal is right, simplicity in composition equates with strength.
Both Rafal and Henk have highly developed instincts that serve them well and, after all, analysis is the handmaiden of instinct, not its mistress.
But, to return to the beginning; to the pictures that fail and sink into the depths of limbo, down here, instinct has clearly made some terrible blunders. Some analysis could shed a ray light down here.

oochappan 07-05-2006 09:13 PM

Re: Re:Thought from limbo
plus what you can never learn
sorry, can't really agree on that .... cause
each person is genius unique in his being,
some have more natural talents,
some have to work hard to bring them out but even for the talented ones, nothing comes by itself, enviroment and creative education are so much differant ... tu use your image, Mozart wouldn't be Mozart without Bach .... the more feedback the higher level depending largly on your own motivated efforts cause so many talents are also thrown away !
intuitive feelings depends largely on your sensibility that can grow by learning to see but will increase and motivated by your love for it, the motor.

simonekarl 07-06-2006 12:59 AM

Re: A visit to limbo
Thanks for a really positive feedback. I take your comments and will try to learn from them.

I can't emphasise how correct you are, that just one critique can make som much difference. I have a 2 0r 3 single critque images in my gallery, and the feedback was really positive.

Thanks everyone.

kinginexile 07-06-2006 11:21 PM

Re: Re:Thought from limbo
Sorry, Henk, but one can learn all one wants, no one will ever be Mozart, HCB, Bach. But given the skills (which are not genius, or even proof of uniqueness), and good PR or luck, quite a few professional composers can match salieri's body of work and position. Same with photography. I think you even wrote it yourself: Intuition matters, but intuition is not learnt, not one bit. what you learn is getting to know yourself, to get experience and confidence in recognizing your own path and following that intuition, with the technical means to bring it out of your imagination for all to share. Genius is a very precise term, which in its semantics indicates that it is simply not shared equal amongst all. You probably meant everyone has something to share, something to give. Yes, indeed.

oochappan 07-07-2006 03:02 PM

Re: Re:Thought from limbo
Indeed some have explicit talents like they say in our language
genius verges often on to lunacy, and indeed on other levels it is sometimes a real disaster by them :)) joking.

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