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PaulVDV 08-12-2019 04:59 PM

To holmertz: The tea bushes
Thank you Gert,

Planting the tea bushes in different directions in two adjacent fields intrigued me enormously.
But no one was there to whom I could ask what the reason was.
At that early hour I hardly found anyone to ask for directions.

The bushes planted in semicircle form refer to a slope.
As many bushes as possible were planted on the same level.

Best regards,

ChrisJ 08-13-2019 03:58 AM


I think you will find that the patterns are the same, only the tea plants at right have been sheared off and harvested, and the bushy ones at left / top have yet to be harvested.

PaulVDV 08-13-2019 08:48 AM

Hi Gert,

That's strange! On the field on the left I can clearly see vertical lines and not on the field to the right.
On the contrary, I can see there only long horizontal lines ...

Best wishes,

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