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PaulVDV 09-30-2021 05:10 PM

Members of TE
Thank you Mariusz,

There's something I've noticed for a long time on the TrekEarth site.
Several members complain about the malfunctioning of the site and that many people have left it.
But I remember a lot of people stopped showing pictures when TE was still working properly.

The reasons for leaving the site are likely to be various.

But when you look at older pictures, you will notice that a lot of good photos were posted by people from non-western countries.
In percentage terms, more people from Asia, Middle East, Latin America, ... (I think few came from Africa) have left the site than members from Europe, Australia, North America, Brazil.
Why I canít tell.

Broadly speaking, the site has become a western hangout.
That while globalization is increasing to a large extent and diversity in our society has become a target for proper and fair functioning.
Actually, I find this more disturbing than the fact that there are fewer members who post regularly.

I've reported this once to another member ...but with no response.

Isn't that something you noticed too?

Kind regards,

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