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Wahclellaspirit 11-29-2012 06:01 AM

To SnapRJW: Hi Rosemary
Thank you for the compliment! It is nearly impossible to not take several extraordinary pixs of the three John Day Fossil Bed Units on every visit.
Even in the rain and or snow, there are different opportunities that make great scenes.
Tell the Great Fisher that the ranch that I am standing on their propeerty in this shot charges for fishing for bass there, as well they charge to hunt elk and deer, and antelope.
The best months to visit are between April and June for the newborns, wildflower displays, and lighting, as well as the occasional rain and thunderstorm to throw into the mix, did I add rainbows to the equation too?
I did till this summer anyway, take members of Trekearth and photoclubs to the three Units as a tour guide, but if you do choose to visit, call me at (360) 356-8459.
You can see more of my work here..........

Thanks again, and you take great images also, you have an excellent eye for detail and composition...

SnapRJW 11-29-2012 07:17 AM

Thanks Steve ...
you are a honey :) I do love landscapes, as you may have noticed :) My husband was/is a geologist and is always interested in rock formations and geography so a trip to wild open spaces always suits him as long as there is a beer at the end of the day! Don't think he would like to hunt through, that is one thing that neither of us has tried although plenty goes on in Namibia. I like to see the animals wild and free. Mind you I don't turn my nose up to game meat so I am a bit of a hypocrite really.

I shall take note of the best time to visit and have a look at your gallery for pics of the wild flowers.

Warm regards and thanks for you very kind comments.


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