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emka 01-14-2022 10:59 AM

To holmertz: Borobudur
Hi Gert, Thanks for the critique.
The guide in Karnak told that Karnak was the largest. My immediate thought was: what about Angkor? So I checked Google.
I was so close to seeing Borobudur, because of covid I couldn't see it. And most probably I never will.
There are various lists, it depends on the definition. The first three are for sure. One list is interesting: Angkor Wat, Karnak, Borobudur, Akshardham in Delhi (something new, I haven't heard about it), Sri Ranganathaswamy (in Srirangapatna), Jetavanaramaya (Sri Lanka), Tikal (Guatemala), Brihadeswaara (in Tanjavur), Meenakshi and Baalbek. I saw 5. I am afraid you are better :(.

best regards MAlgo

holmertz 01-14-2022 11:11 AM

Hello Malgo,
I saw 6 of these! ;-)

emka 01-14-2022 11:31 AM

As I supposed. You saw Borobudur and Baalbeck, I saw Tikal. :D


PaulVDV 01-14-2022 12:35 PM


I only saw 3.
Some of the ones listed above I've never heard of...


holmertz 01-14-2022 12:38 PM

Jetavanaramaya was too close to the civil war zone when I was in Sri Lanka, and Akshardham was finished years after my last visit to Delhi. Otherwise... ;-)

PaulVDV 01-14-2022 12:57 PM

I'm starting to doubt if I've seen Jetavanaramaya. It's very close to Anuradhapura where I was....but my slides are stored so deep... too deep to look up.

Akshardham was also constructed after my visit of Delhi.
You'll never get around if people still build after you've been there :)


holmertz 01-14-2022 01:43 PM

Fortunately Rome wasn't built in a day, so we all had plenty of time for it.

emka 01-14-2022 05:34 PM

When I see new places from the UNESCO list, they add new ones.

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