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oochappan 12-19-2008 02:12 AM

Note to moderator
Aparently you decission to ban for 7-days of some members was not a very wise one.

you know as well,
the time of Adam
when he banned
all remarks in the forums about the ban were deleted

so or you ban or you don't !

the result of your 7-days ban
is already readable in the reactions
nobody accepts a punishing role of a moderator
or you ban or you don't

As you can read in the forums
"baiting and fighting publicly"
is accepted from some and not accepted from others
your temporary ban will stimulate only that affecting the tone of the site

The only way out of this mess you created yourself
is the possbility for each member to block other members
and even to remove unwanted or undecent critiques

As long points are there,
there will be fights, spammers, stalkers, foolhardy popularisme, manipulated martyrdom
now even stimulated by you
a self-regulating personal blocking system is needed to make your didactical intervention in this unnecessairy

or you will have to learn to live with those fights, this adorned vulgar language and all other anomalies resorting from points
up to you !

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