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mkamionka 01-14-2011 01:53 PM

To Manamo: exposure etc
Hi Marc,
thank you for your honest critique.
The funny thing is that everything is very natural here.
The sky is literally incredible but it was taken handheld and without any processing afterwards. The only explanation is... the wind.
In Ireland quite often we have a similar sky as if somebody would use the comb. This strange sky is the reason why I like this photo even if there is nothing to catch eye in it.

You are right that I could have taken more care about the composition and DOF.
It was a long walk so basically my strategy was to take a lot of shots handheld on my way there and back, and spend an hour or two with the tripod at the main destination. The photo of Cerro Torre was taken with the tripod with a very long exposure time and almost closed aperture. It made a huge difference which I have actually even an evidence for because I took some shots with various aperture values and it really influenced the DOF, what you could expect of course.

This photo was taken along the trail. I usually try to make a compromise between taking some shots with a tripod and not boring my wife too much with it, as she was my only companion.
So basically I completely agree with you.
I regret that I did not stop at this POV for longer, I should have come closer to that tiny bush with dried branches, that would make a nice foreground.

You are very perceptive.
Thanks again,

Manamo 01-14-2011 02:03 PM

Hi Mariusz! thanks for the quick reply!

And the thanks for the explanation about the clouds. I thought those were moving clouds, you know, like when we take long exposures. But it means that it was the natural clouds formation!! Wow!

As for the hike with your wife, I completely understand!!! I mean, my girlfriend is always very patient, but I do the same and I save some of her patience for spots that I really want to spend more time on! The time you spent on this Cerro Torre shot really shows! the overall quality is better in my opinion. But hey, it's like that, some shots are better than others, and it's good this way!!

have a good day,

mkamionka 01-14-2011 02:12 PM

I have actually another photo from Patagonia with different but also "combed" clouds.
It was also taken handheld:, also in a rush without proper composition but I like it too. ;)

Indeed sometimes I struggle with myself: should I make this gallery as perfect as possible or share some more photos which are not necessarily perfect but give an overview of a place. I try to balance that. This was a trip of my lifetime so probably I will put more imperfect photos just to document it better.

But as I said, I appreciate your honesty. I completely agree with your suggestions. You have a great eye.
Have a good weekend,

Manamo 01-14-2011 02:36 PM

Patagonia is at the top of the list of places to go for me. I hope I can go there one day!

I like this other shot you linked. I understand better what happened in the sky now. The sky in the photos I critiques were secluded in the frame and it gave the illusion of a long exposure, which would not have worked with the running water. My mistake!

About the gallery, I totally understand what you mean. The important is to have fun with it. Not many pros come here to display their stuff. The pros do that:showing just the best. Which is normal if they wanna sell...However, you and me, it's just for fun really. So, I guess we should not limit ourselves in terms of what we post here! Let's just have fun!

see you


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