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Erick_L 01-22-2007 09:04 PM

Re: New Full Size Panorama Feature Available
I just tried uploading a panorama. My 900 pixel-wide photo is too wide so I resized it, and now the short side is too short...

sleon 06-03-2007 12:22 PM

Re: New Full Size Panorama Feature Available
If the short side is too short, then you need to add some extra pixels by adding a frame at the top or lower edge. The minimum height must be 250 pixels. Hope this helps!

Emiel_Skyfreak 06-05-2007 04:07 PM

Re: New Full Size Panorama Feature Available
If you want to upload a large panorama, then you got to take care that in the small version a) first the aspect ratio of the photo has to be >2,5 : 1 or 1 : >2,5. b) second ofcourse the largest side has a width/height of max. 800px c) and a minimum of 250 px.

The former implies that the smallest side has to be between 250px (the minimum) and 320px (800/2,5)
321px should not work. The largest side has to be between 625px (250x2,5) and ofcourse 800px.

If your photo can't meet the aspect criterium (>2,5 : 1) then add a border to the longest side, if it can't meet the 250px high (or width) criterium, add a border on the smallest side.

If the largest side is more than 800px you have to downsize it completely.

etlerl 06-23-2007 01:59 AM

Error message
I have been trying to upload a large panorama but keep getting the same error message:

failed to change directory (error 21)
Invalid photo_insert_raw_query

The dimensions of the pictures are within the given limits (both image size and file size).
However, I found some large panoramas uploaded by other users during this week, so I have no idea what went wrong.
Has anybody got a problem like this?
Admin, could you give an explanation?

etlerl 06-25-2007 10:08 AM

Re: New Full Size Panorama Feature Available
I have been trying to upload a panorama. The dimensions are within the given limits (both file size and picture size). But I keep getting the same error message every time:

failed to change directory (error 21)
Invalid photo_insert_raw_query

Could somebody tell me what's wrong?

michaelbix 09-11-2009 12:51 PM

Re: New Full Size Panorama Feature Available
Hi Adam -I just joined and would very much like to post my photos... so far all attempts are falling flat. I have a panorama all set to go that is no greater than 4000k in any direction, is greater than the 2.5:1 ratio (actually the one I want to start with is about 4:1) and are less than 400k files. All attempts to load return the dialog that I cannot upload because my files exceed 300k in size. Smaller versions look ridiculous, frankly.

I've looked at the approximately 420 panoramas that are loaded throughout TE and notice that even recently, people are still using all kinds of different strategies (some failing) to get panos of a decent size on the site. The best examples of really getting a good-sized image are like this - and But adding borders - creating ultra narrow "teaser versions" that aren't visible to most visitors and which, in my case, look like match-sticks lying on their sides - or adding extensive notes, or comments directly to the photo to "guide" the viewer through the experience seems like a rugged road compared to the experience of "straight" photo viewers - they just load and play. Granted, I guess for you it was a major coup to offer a concession to panorama makers, but somehow it doesn't seem to be lighting a fire under the general viewership to post panos.

Is it possible to set up a *permanent* and dedicated means to exhibit panoramas, with fewer constraints and direct posting of the actual intended final image (when it falls within guidelines)?

My images range from 1 x 3 (up to 1 x 12) so you can perhaps guess the issue for me. Take any very beautiful image - once squeezed down in its long dimension - without a height dimension it doesn't make the "grade." Sad... and having a lot of white space or grey space above and below doesn't make it more viewable.

With only 420 or so panoramas total displayed on TrekEarth, it seems like a very tiny percentage of your over-all users are wading through the steps... far fewer than one would expect, given the ease to make panos and the number of people who do this big time. But seeing them in miniature is painful... this is not about being precious, but rather wondering if there is any way for the photo to be uploaded as intended.

How about dropping some of the restrictions and actually setting up a different work-group called TrekPano? Your Trek template support and setup are unique enough, and your user-base is so truly diverse, that you could very well pull in a huge group of new (pano) photographers from around the globe.

If cost is an issue (and undoubtedly the server storage required would increase if you did this well) certainly with your track record you could attract specialist advertisers ie. pano cameras ie. WideLux, pano tripod heads such as 360 (Pano VR), and software pano-makers such as Panoweaver, Stitcher and HP's SmartStudio. If you backed up your server space with this kind of support, then you could offer your members a (4th) TrekPano work-group, one which could provide participants a maximum of 800 pixels in one dimension v. a maximum of 6400 pixels in the long dimension (up to 5 MB before compression per image, so say 800k each upload)... ?

I've had a bit better luck as far as ease-of-use on non-photo tech sites like ipernity (which allows full display ie. of an image 1000H x more than 5000W (see ). I just load it in.

So what are the chances you might make a new "club" for panorama photography? The participation could become huge if people could just upload their final up-to 800k compressed file... within that large and fairly forgiving range of sizes (or something close to it).

Michael Cerulli Billingsley

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