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themunchkin 11-28-2006 10:09 AM

blur vs sharpen
I have a question for peoples who had already took some pics of auroras during the night time. I still have a problem to choose between a long exposure to take a picture of aurora or a short exposure with a really high ISO. In the first case (long exposure) you can use a low ISO (200,400 or 800)so you avoid to have a noisy pic and you can have a lot more color than a shorter exposure but the result are always blurry 'cause the norhtern lights (especially the colorful ones) are moving fast. In the second case ( short exposure with high ISO 1600, 3200) the result are sharpen but less colorful and lot more noisy ( you can process the picture with a software like neat image but you alter the quality ). So if someone can help me to have a sharpen picture whith a good range of color during the night by playing with the camera settings, please let me know. Thanks

French or English ( sorry for the mistake, I'm still learning the shakespearian language !)

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