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PaulVDV 06-19-2019 05:35 AM

To Royaldevon: Storing valuable things
Thank you Beverley,

Difficult to answer your question correctly.
Many people deposited only their shoes. Others gave a plastic bag of which I don't know what was in it.
How safe were your belongings in the stand ??? I usually play it very safely.
I knew from another traveller that there was a good budget hotel very close to the temple. So I booked a room in that hotel and before visiting the temple I brought my daypack (with my camera, smartphone, guidebook, etc.) to my room.

India seemed a pretty safe country but it is best not to take unnecessary risks.
Smaller hotels seem to be the safest places anywhere in the world to keep valuable things in a locked baggage.
The few people I ever met who were robbed in their hotel room stayed in a very large hotel.
Maybe so far I've always been very lucky ...

Best regards,

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