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xevi 08-26-2014 10:45 PM

I can not change my intro text

I'm not able to edit my intro text in my profile. I try it with Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer, and any of them is working.

I change the text and in the overview is always the old one.

Please can somebody help me?

Thank you!!!!

Porteplume 08-27-2014 07:52 AM

Hello Xevi,

This si what I can read on your intro:

I live in Catalonia (Spain, Europe), in a little city near Barcelona called Banyoles and I'm a computer programmer who loves to travel and take lots of pictures, so I'm just an amateur photographer. I have bought my first digital camera (Minolta Dimage 7i) just few years ago, after some years taken pictures with a traditional SLR (Minolta as well). Later I bought a Canon EOS 300D and just the last month the new Canon EOS 350D.

I’d like to learn to take really good pictures like some of yours, but I need a lot of practice for it, and usually I only have time for shot when I'm traveling, so it will be a very difficult goal.

If it is not your new intro I can try to edit it... Please give me the intro you would like to have there...

Amicalement - Viviane

xevi 08-29-2014 10:58 PM

Bonne soirée Viviane!

This is the intro I would like to have, Thanks for your help!!

Travelling is my passion… photographing my devotion! <br><br>
I have travelled around the world learning about its people and its cultures, embracing diversity and difference as the greatest wealth of our planet. I have photographed places and remote villages and I have savoured every instant captured, because each of those seconds was wonderful and unique. <br><br>
The magic of photography came to me many years ago, but it has always been intrinsically linked to travel. It is in those moments when looking through the lens makes sense and a world of possibilities suddenly appears in front of me. <br><br>
Year after year, trip after trip I have learned and I have found new techniques and new rules that have improved my photographs, but most important is that at every step walked and every photograph taken, I've been united to nature and the inhabitants of our planet: a crowded universe of wonderful people and natural wonders.<br> <br>

My website: <a href=""></a><br>
Twitter: <a href="">@XeviMayo</a>

Porteplume 08-30-2014 07:05 AM

Done! I hope it is the way you wanted to have it...

Amitiés - Viviane

Spyder 08-30-2014 09:31 AM

Intro changes
Bonjour Viviane!

I don't want to change my introduction information just now, but I did notice, that unlike notes we make to pictures, there is no (Edit) for our introduction.

So I followed this topic with interest, and am I right to conclude that we must go through a moderator to change our information?

Just curious to know.

Kindest regards/Amicalement
Edward :)

Porteplume 08-30-2014 11:55 AM

Hello Edward,

You should try to click on your nickname, then on "Account" and then on "Edit profile"... If it does not work I would be glad to help you... :)

Amicalement - Viviane

Spyder 08-30-2014 12:58 PM

Re bonjour Viviane

Easy when you know how, eh! :rolleyes:


Edward :)

xevi 08-31-2014 11:16 PM

Bonne soirée Viviane!

It looks perfect now!

Merci beaucoup,

Xevi Mayolas

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