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joso 05-11-2012 08:37 AM

To willperrett: crop
Hi Will,
thanks for looking, commenting, glad about that the thumbnail attracted your eyes.
it would be a pleasure to read your oppinion about the other ones, no points necessary :) , but offen writing about what's good, what's wrong, just answering this one
about the crop - of course, it is croped. I don'have to explain, that taking photos on the street is quite different from studio-work. And I neither have so good eyes, nor so good lenses, to get exactly that what I want, and exectly in that form, size as I want. So I shot what I found interesting, and work it out at home... Playing a lot with them, trying different crops, tones, lights, but never changing too much, just soft adjustments
have a niceday

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