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elihesamian 10-08-2004 06:36 PM

To RGatward: Maria?!!:)
Hi Richard

Thanks,I'm not worry,even,I'm glad alot for this thinking from you:)
I saw a min before all of Maria's shot(Sunny),it's normally that the atmosphere of this kind of places maybe have a similsrity,but mari's shots not like it,Maria's works are origin of herself & I respect her & works,and mine is another POV,and another atmosphere,...furtunately there is not elephant in Iran,therefor for example if I will post a elephant shot a day from Iran,myebe it will reminds Manuel's works:)))
... I would like to show in TE My Country,Iran.Do I afraid for posting a shot from this grand country that the shot have a similarity with the other shot from the other lands?!

Here is my try,without thinking to the others works when I was shooting it,...Richard I have many shots that are a similarity to Kaj(yesterday) shots,about morning with boat,but in this case,(that, it's not informative),I'm afraid for comparing with Kaj's excellent shots,in most of my shots I tried for introduce the Iran more for Freinds,...
But,I'm glad that it reminds you a dear member's works.
I'm Mohammad:))

Yours Truly

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