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Porteplume 01-20-2004 10:10 PM

Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...
Bonjour ā tous,

After responding to Jack/JrJohanson on the Treks Forum, I thought it would be nice to let the people of Scandinavia know that we're planning to travel from Holland through Germany > Denmark > Oresund bridge to Sweden > Norway and back, between May 27th & July 4th.

We would like to get tips for events & sightseeing on the south east coast of Sweden as we're planning to travel to Eskilstuna to celebrate a wedding between two "Internet" friends, the precise date in June isn't chosen yet...

And of course we would love to meet any one who would like to come visit us and have a drink. We will make use of campgrounds. Any tips?

Amicalement - Viviane

mitternacht 01-20-2004 11:20 PM

Re: Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...
Two of my favorite spots on the southeast coast of Sweden are Österlen in southeastern Skåne (or <a href="">Scania</a>) and the island of <a href="">Öland</a> (which literally is 'Island-land').

Öland is the long narrow island off Kalmar. It has beautiful beaches, the one at Böda is great and has a nice campsite as well. Böda is pretty close to the north tip of the Island on the east side. The western northern coast is nice as well with a lot of limestone quarries where you can find fossiles and stony beaches. The island is also famous for its inland nature with lots of moors and junipers. There is also an old weathered forest to the north called 'Trollskogen' (troll forest). The landscape is dominated by the abundant windmills.

Österlen has a lot of traditional farming landscape with castles and old country estates. There is also a beautiful relic from the vikings called 'Ale stenar' that should be seen. There are quite a few sunbathing oppurtunities here but swimming is usually not recommended in june due to cold currents, the water usually doesn't reach 20 degrees celsius until August.

I hope this was helpful. I will probably be in China all summer so I will have to decline your invitation.

Porteplume 01-21-2004 01:21 PM

Merci simon...
Thanks a lot Simon,

Great tips! We were wondering about Öland already because lot of friends gave that advice too.
I'll let you know what we have visited after returning, and I'll post photos of course...

I wish you a great travel summer in China!

Amicalement - Viviane

joso 01-21-2004 07:33 PM

Re: Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...
Do you plan to "go" with canu/cajac too? If, can recommend some beautiful places.
If not, also. But have to know...


Porteplume 01-21-2004 09:23 PM

Re: Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...
Bonsoir János,

No, we don't have canoe/cajac. We could rent some when we were in natural reserve <a href="">Glaskogen</a>, near Arvika in 1999.
But this year we just would like to bike & walk & see a lot of natural sceneries...

Thank you for your respons.

Amicalement - Viviane

Sanna 01-26-2004 04:06 PM

Re: Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...
Si vous ętes ā Eskilstuna il faut aller ā Mariefred (peut-ętre un 40ičme km de lā). C'est une ville trčs sympa et avec un beau château.
Bonne voyage!

Porteplume 01-29-2004 12:24 AM

Re: Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...
Bonsoir Sanna,

I have made a notice of that place, I'll search about it on the net...
Merci beaucoup!

Amicalement - Viviane

Ebbe 02-02-2004 01:10 PM

Re: Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...
When in Eskilstuna don´t miss the little factory museum on the islands in the centre of town, a very nice collection of well polished machinery and technology from mostly 1800´s and early 1900´s. A walk around the old part of Torhälla is allways nice.

Mariefred is a must in that region but don´t forget Strömsholm in the opposite direction. There is also a castle south of Västerås with a nice toy museum.

When we lived in Eskilstuna 1984-1988 we often went to Skottvångs gruvor, an old mine that had a funny restuarant in the main mine building. I don´t know if the restaraunt still exists but that could be fined out I guess. The place is deep in the forests south of Åkers Styckebruk. What a name - stycke-bruk means piece-factory where piece means gun. A reminder of the big wars long ago!

If you like to trek a bit more there is a long hike route going around most of that part of Sweden, it is called Sörmlandsleden and is a marked trail from south of Stockholm in the woodlands first going west to somewhere south of Eskilstuna, then tuning south down to the coast and then back to Sthlm. There are shelters etc. at suitable distances all the way.

I am home with an influensa and my mind works very slowly, if I think of anything else on the matter I´ll get back.


Porteplume 02-03-2004 08:06 PM

Re: Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...
Bonsoir Ebbe,

Thank you for more tips about the surrounding of Eskilstuna, I hope our friend Åke who lives there will have time to show us what you noted for me.

Sörmlandsleden sounds very interesting. I have discovered the <a href="">map</a>, but no English text.

Did you catch that cold in Paris or Vienna? ;o) - I hope you will be better soon!

Amicalement - Viviane

Edwin 03-02-2004 05:38 PM

Re: Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...
Bonjour Viviane!

Depending on your time schedule and how far up north you will be traveling, another island you should try to visit is
<a href="" target="_blank">Gotland</a>.

<a href="" target="_blank">Here</a> you can find more information in English, as well as in French ;)

I myself will probably visit my Dutch family and friends in June, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you think that I can help you.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Med vänliga hälsningar,

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