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pineapple 02-16-2009 09:45 PM

To Janice: Whakarewarewa
Thanks for the comment Janice. I love the mudpools... a favourite part of Rotorua and geothermal activity in general.

Yes, Whakarewarewa HAS changed alot... nowadays it's called 'Te Puia' too isn't it? I remember my mum telling me about the days when she would visit as a kid, with 'Queenie' (I think that was her name), one of the old local guides, sharing her culture because of the delight, rather than for profit. I also remember, even when I was a kid, the local boys jumping off the bridge for coins etc etc etc...
Sometimes with progress you loose the essence of a place eh?!

Hope you're having a great summer... I hear the weather is stunning! Here in Nagoya, Japan, we've had a pretty mild winter... a tiny bit of snow, and it's cold again today, but we got to 18 degrees over the weekend!!!

Mata ne, ka kite

Janice 02-17-2009 12:19 AM

Re: To Janice: Whakarewarewa
Summer has been excellent, and the rain we had last week was so good - we needed it.

Weather slightly cooler, but still lovely and sunny. 24C right now.

The well known guide in my day was Rangi. And I too remember the boys jumping for coins. That bridge area of Whaka is now separated from the big tourist Te Poia' Cut in half!! Gates and fences to stop people crossing. Big division!~!


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