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notrap 03-23-2019 07:49 AM

To tyro: Back home with lots of pictures
Hello john,
thanks for your kind remarks. Sri Lanka was the first country I ever visited in Asia, an the trip turned out to be full of new experiences and surprises. A bad surprise was that I'm not fit enough to stand the climate! I suffered from the heat and humidity, and so I missed some of the most important sights, because for instance Sigiriya, the "Lion Rock", was too steep to climb for me. But I am very satisfied with my photos of streetlife, fishermen, colorful monks, schoolgirls in white uniforms and the many temples. Thousand year old ruins are impressive, and important for the national pride of Sri Lankan people, but I'm glad with my photos which show how different every day's life is in Asia.
And about betel: yes, of course it is used like a mild drug, but I didn't want to mention it. Our guide talked about chewing betel with disgust, and was eager to convince us there is a better reason to cultivate it!
Have a nice weekend,

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