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delpeoples 11-13-2015 05:17 AM

To tyro: Grazie Giovanni, From Lisa & Sid
heheheh thanks Giovanni, Sid says hi.

I took this with my little underwater compact Olympus, as I'd stupidly left the brand new 5D MkIII in the hotel. So the quality isn't great, but I loved Sid's look. You quite rightly remark on his hair-do. It was rather out there, bald in some spots, with a little bit of fuzz in others.

The thing that most disappoints me about this photo is the bit of fence I left in on the left-hand side of the frame. I should have cloned it out, or as Luciano helpfully suggests, used a vertical frame, this cropping it out. Very slack of me indeed.

Speaking of new toys, I've just bought a 14mm Samyang f/2 lens. They are so cheap and the quality is amazing. I'm tempted to by the Samyang 8mm Fisheye too - even cheaper than the 14mm.

Ahh it's pluge time. I'll have at least 4 in your honour.

Un abbraccio

tyro 11-13-2015 10:42 AM

Swanking again.......
Ciao carissima Lisa,

Thank you for your kind reply to my critique of Sid's lovely portrait! To be honest, I hardly noticed the blue blurry bit at bottom left of this picture and I stupidly sort of assumed it might be part of Sid's plumage: it never crossed my mind that it might have been a bit of a fence. But I agree with Luciano that a vertical crop might just have been better and might also have drawn more attention to his rather elegant long neck of which any young female model would have been ever so envious had it not been quite so haggard and prickly.

But, of course, your main reason for your reply was to swank about your new 5
D MkIII. How bold of you - and how forgiving of your husband - to get that lovely mew machine. One of the guys at the camera club has one and cheerfully tells me it's a totally different beast from the MkII and fabulously better - do you find that? I've heard its image quality is brilliant at high ISO - the MkII impressed me in that way and I can believe that the MkIII will be even better.

That Samyang 14mm sounds like good fun. You might remember I had a shot of a Sigma 12-24mm zoom (lent to me for half an hour by Ann Jackman's husband) and took a wide view of a Mercedes motor car with it - great fun to get those really strong perspectives. The 8mm fisheye, of course, is really designed for cropped (APS-C) sensors so with the 5D you'll only get a circle in the middle of the frame - you won't fill the frame with the image. Sounds like good fun too but I think it would be a novelty which might wear off quickly. I quite fancy the new Sigma 150 - 600mm "Sport" lens - good for shooting these frisky little red squirrels - but it's about 1500 and I'm not sure if my wizened old arms would be strong enough to hold it for any length of time.

Hope the pluge swilled down admirably. Ah, ha, the weekend is just around the corner and I must get some stock in. Your fine "Chalice Bridge" Shiraz Cabernet is still being reserved for Christmas Day. :)

Lovely to see you back posting more lovely photographs - does that mean that you're just a little quieter at work these days?

You take care.

Kindest Regards e un abbraccio,


delpeoples 11-17-2015 11:53 PM

Friends Of Emily
Carissimo Giovanni

Hehe you guessed. And I love your response, how naughty of you 😜 Firstly, the camera was paid for by my own hard labours, victimising the criminal underbelly of Sydney and secondly, one Canon Camera looks like all Canon Cameras - especially to those spouses who take no interest in photography. If you get what I'm saying.....hehehe.

And she goes alright. I bought her for the trip to the Northern Territory as the Mk II was being very temperamental and would only shoot in AV mode.

Seriously, if you can get your claws on a Samyang, give it a run. $1000 cheaper than the Canon lens, beautifully built, and just as sharp.

Un abbraccio

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