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Galeota 08-22-2004 08:07 PM

Re: Poindexter Alert!!
LOL..I wish I had a 20D.

tsiya 08-23-2004 02:45 PM

Re: How big of a nerd....
I suppose People think I am strange, when I go crawling on My belly, like a python with a camera, sneaking up on something right in the middle of a park. Know What? I don't care! They will never get so close to a shore bird as to be able to smell the fish on it's breath, I just consider it their loss, and pity them. Go for the vest, but if You want to do some crawling, You will need the pockets in the back! I use a little fanny pack, or belly bag turned backwards. "Look, Momma, what is wrong with that Man over there". "Don't stare at the poor thing, Child, it is not polite to stare at the insane"! As long as they don't mess My stalk up, I just don't worry what they think, have fun, take pictures, "tempus fugit"! When they bother You stare back at them, and grimace, wave Your arms and gnash Your teeth a bit, they will go away and leave You to take pictures.

MKING 08-23-2004 03:05 PM

Re: How big of a nerd....
I suppose that's true to an extent; but what if your target is the person making the remarks themselves? All of a sudden, what they think can start to matter...

(I realise this sounds a lot more melodramatic than the context probably allows)

Burnham 08-24-2004 09:16 PM

Re: Poindexter Alert!!
Allright buddy Darren, I promised you Iīd have to pick on you big time if you bought that vest! And I donīt care about the colour ;o)
the thing is I see Gal is doing just fine picking on the side of you that is such a gear geek ;oD
Glad to be following this thread about your most recent purchase, donīt ever stop, itīs a laugh for me ;oD


sohrab 08-24-2004 11:31 PM

Re: How big of a nerd....
hi darren
i dont think you could look as dorky as i did when i was travelling. i had a huge back pack just for my camera. it was huge because of all the padding for the camera. since the back pack was huge the tripod was slung around my shoulder and neck in front of me and i could hardly see what was in front of me. i hadnt washed my shorts and most of t shirts 2 months. i was wearing slippers that were broken and half the time i had to drag my feet so that my slippers wouldnt slip off my feet , my shorts kept slipping off, so i was walking with one hand holding my shorts up and the other holding this huge ,extremely colourful umbrella that i bought in burma. the saddest part was that whenever i took the umbrella out ,it never rained, so i felt even more stupid. oh yes i hadnt shaved for a long time as well, so in angkor wat one guy mistook me for a beggar as i was sleeping in the gallery.
so dont feel bad about however little a dork you look like :)
take care

thien 08-24-2004 11:38 PM

Re: How big of a nerd....
ROFL..... Your post was great Sohrab!

tsiya 08-24-2004 11:51 PM

Re: How big of a nerd....
My Jeep is nearing 20 years old, fuel prices are up, When I head out, I have to make a trip take care of many things. Best shooting times for Me are early in the day, so by the time I get to town, I am muddy, smell like swamp water, and probably look even more like an Alligator than usual. Storekeepers run in My wake with mops, to clean the trail I often leave. If You can frighten People more wearing Your vest, than I do in the course of an average expedition, You must be wearing a really horrid vest!
We are Photographers, for goodness sake, normal Folks will never understand Us. I hope You will stop worrying, put Your vest on, and go take some pictures!
Sohrab, You just gave Me an image of Robinson Crusoe holding a camera, that must have been an excellent expedition!

Darren 08-25-2004 04:27 AM

Re: How big of a nerd....
Sohrab, I am affraid I will never be able to top that story, or at least it would be a huge effort to try. Certainly, I won't worry so much now, thanks.

Take care

sohrab 08-25-2004 07:58 AM

Re: How big of a nerd....
to be honet with you darren
i look like that even now :)
ill be meeting eric (eleparc) today so i guess i'll trim my beard. dont want to scare him like i feel i scared claude (claudreno) when i met him. on the whole i think a vest us very convenient. also what you can look for are these lens cases which you can attach to the buckles of your trousers or shorts. they might not look very good. but are extremely convenient. a lot of professional photographer use these lens cases while wearing a vest. honestly i think the vest looks good as well. but thats just my stupid opinion. ever noticed how dorky some of the outfits in these big fashion shows in paris. milan and new york look ??????

DiaAzul 08-26-2004 08:08 PM

Re: I know you have bought, but another option... a belt system which would take most of the weight off your shoulders. I currently use a Crumpler shoulder/messenger bag with a bum bag up front to carry small items - I find this to be quite comfortable for 4-5 hours a day, however, I would like to move everything to the belt to leave my upper body free to move around more easily.

Anyone else looking to buy a belt system may want to look at the list on Kinesis web site which lists most of the belt system providers.

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