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Darren 06-25-2004 07:34 PM

How big of a nerd....
...will I be if I buy a photographer's vest. When I am out shooting, I use a camera backpack to carry my gear, and for the amount of walking I do during a typical day of shooting, I am happy enough with how it gets my ear around. However, changing lenses is a royal PITA. It is just such a hassle to set the bag down, open up, change lenses, replace lens back in bag, shoulder bag again and finally take the shot or get moving again. This is just not as convenient as I would like, for obvious reasons.

I know I could change to a shoulder bag, which is much easier to get in and out of, but walking for many km a day with my relatively heavy gear strapped over one shoulder doesn't sound appealing to me.

I think wearing a photographer's vest might be a good solution, while still keeping the backpack. Seems with a vest, all my lenses, memory cards and film, batteries, etc. could be easily available should I need them. Problem is, I am vain enough to think I might look like a total dork wearing a vest. Carrying a camera backpack, with tripod attached is bad enough, I really don't want to cross the threshold into complete Poindexterism. Will it look as terrible as I imagine?

Does anyone here use a vest? Are there any more stylish solutions I should consider? Would anyone like to forward me a number of thousands of US dollars so I could simply hire a porter/sherpa for everytime I go out shooting? Any thoughts or ideas {or monetary donations ;) } will be greatly appreciated.

Maybe I should just bite the bullet, admit I am pretty damned ugly, vest or no vest and opt for comfort? Maybe I should sell my camera gear and use the money towards plastic surgery? Arrghh......

joseelias 06-25-2004 08:25 PM

Re: How big of a nerd....
Well, I don't have experience about using a photographer vest and how that affects negativly the image on the girls making them run away... :-)))

But from my sports experience (Canoeing and Mountain Bike) I can say to you that there's NOTHING like using the correct equipment! The correct equipment turn everything more confortble, effective, easier and faster letting you concentrate in what you're doing. All the guys I met resisted at the beggining in using Lycra shorts but after experimenting them no one wanted to use anything else... So be aware that after using the vest and liking the experience you may want to start sleeping with it! :-)))

If you're talking about those jackets without sleeves, and you want more discretion go for the black color (my opinion). If even so you feel shame just buy some big dark glasses matching the vest so no one recognizes you later... A fake moustache and hair is also an option!

About a sherpa, who knows there's someone here on TE willing to volunteer as one, so you don't need to hire one! So, anyone here to carry Darrens bag? :-)

GrahamB 06-25-2004 08:34 PM

Re: How big of a nerd....
Never used a vest but would share your worries about looking like nerd - they do seem to be practical though.

I saw a guy while on holiday the other week who had some kind of belt mounted system. It had holders for a few lenses and a bigger compartment at the front. Not sure if it would be good for all your kit on a long hike but maybe for the bits you need to change regularly.
Don't know the make I'm afraid as I didn't ask. It's dorky enough asking about someones camera never mind their bag!

Cat 06-25-2004 08:54 PM

Re: How big of a nerd....
I also use a backpack, and would much prefer the vest!! I don't where you live but, for myself, it is really hot here right now,and I would just wear a tank top or a sleeveless t-shirt underneath. Since I am female, I like male photographers so, I know I wouldn't think of one as a geek for using the most comfortable equipment. If its hot where you are, just don't wear a shirt under the vest. Then, you will really look attractive!! ;0)

green 06-25-2004 09:17 PM

Re: How big of a nerd....
I would go with Graham suggestion. When I was trekking in Patagonia, I've seen a couple of trekker using that kind of "belt bag" with one or two extra compartiments for long lenses. I think the nice part of this is that you can carry your bag in front of you for an easy access. You could also complement this belt bag by a small backpack to carry stuff you don't need to have an immediate access like battery, film or tripod, leaving the belt bag space free for lenses and cameras. The people have seen carrying those bags didn't seems to be bothered by it when hiking.

As for the vest, I don't if it would be that confortable when you'll have heavy stuff hanging to it and moving around while you'll be walking. Also, back in the nineties in Paris, the vest was kind of fashionable among dorks to wear it even though they were not photographer. ;-)

And you're right, a shoulder bag is very very very bad idea when hiking kilometers. I've tried it long time ago and I manage to rip one of my neck's muscle. Painful.

BobTrips 06-26-2004 02:06 AM

Re: How big of a nerd....
How about a magician's tuxedo jacket?

Big zoom could go where he hides the rabbit.... ;o)

nmess 06-26-2004 03:10 AM

Re: How big of a nerd....
I use a backpack bag when hiking, but also use a large wheeled attache which carry's my laptop, camera and other gadgets while traveling. I tried a belt bag, but like a lot of guys I don't have much in the way of hips or butt.. so the belt bag was always seeking it's way down to my knees.

I've considered a vest too for that reason. But for now the attache for the traveling and micro treker for hiking seems adequate. But perhaps I'm just the sort of geek who doesn't spend much time wondering if I look like a nerd.

Proxilva 06-30-2004 01:06 AM

Re: How big of a nerd....
you'll look like a big nerd for sure......
who cares????
than don't....
you don't????
than go for it...

but remember nerds wear the parting left...
(i'm making this up)

Burnham 06-30-2004 01:15 AM

Re: How big of a nerd....
I just found this discussion Darren, and I'm laughing my well, behind off reading your thoughts on your looks. Agreeing with everybody, yes you would look like the biggest of nerds, butif that's the prize you have to pay for not wrecking your shoulder wearing a shoulderbag of missing good photos trying to get gear out of your cool backpack, then so be it - mind you if you do so, I'll have to pick on you for it :o)

mdchachi 06-30-2004 07:19 AM

Re: How big of a nerd....
I've been happy with the <a href=" ctlist&sku=153205" target=_blank>Lowepro Off Trail 2</a> waist pack. You can keep extra lenses film, flash all right there in front of you and keep your camera holstered in front of you for quick access. There is also a smaller version. The side lense pouches can be detached so you can adjust the kit depending on the situation. But for what I'm talking about, a vest wouldn't do the trick anyway. I can't hang a 300mm lense off a vest.

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