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PaulVDV 04-25-2022 05:37 PM

To Royaldevon: The bluebells
Thank you Beverley,

In Belgium these flowers are called 'forest hyacinths' (both in the Dutch and the French name translation), without reference to a country or region where they come from.

In the forest where I found them, there were also a lot of forest anemones growing.
I've known those forest anemones already all my life.
I didn't notice wild garlic.

I had already seen the bluebells growing in small groups along the side of a field road or under some trees.
In large groups like in my pictures I had never seen them before.

I seem to recall you showing pictures of bluebells in the woods in England before (or maybe it was Jean?).
But actually I didn't know a location in Belgium where they grew in such large numbers that they almost looked like blue carpets in a forest.
For several years (relatively recently) a certain forest in Belgium, the Hallerbos, has been in the news with beautiful pictures of large groups of these flowers and always with a multitude of visitors along well-defined paths.

I don't know whether this forest had that fame years ago. Perhaps I was not (still working then) sufficiently interested in this aspect of our nature at that time? I don't know.

Due to the fact that so many visitors go to the Hallerbos, I decided to look closer to home in another forest ... and effectively, probably on a much smaller area than in the Hallerbos, I did find some beautiful blue flower carpets.

I looked on Wikipedia what a Spanish bluebell looks like.
I also read that in the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa the species is being replaced by the Spanish hyacinth Hyacinthoides hispanica, which has broader leaves, an erect stem with odorless flowers.

In the reports about the bluebells in the Hallerbos it was always said that the flowers smelled very pleasantly.
I didn't think about the smell during my walk and while taking the pictures but can't remember a good smell. Not a bad smell either.
I don't know why I didn't notice a smell.
Even though I didn't have a cold at all, it still happens that I perceive or recognize smells less quickly than others.

I may have to think about that in time in the future, but that will probably be next year.
I've heard that once the trees get full foliage, the flowers don't get enough light anymore and die.
These days the foliage of the trees in Belgium is growing very fast.

Kind regards,

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